Open Board Positions

Interested in being a part of the core team that helps organize all of Code for Good’s events? We’d love to hear from you!

We have Open Positions!

Positions are held for two years, and you’ll work with some amazing people to help host successful events that make a real impact to the local community! 


Executive Committee Member

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend all board meetings
  • Serve on the Operations committee
  • Work with the fiduciary to keep clean accounting records
  • Create and present the annual budget to the board for approval
  • Manage the board’s review of and action related to the board’s financial responsibilities
  • Work with the president and secretary to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis
  • Create Sponsorship tiers and work with sponsorship coordinator on collection of funds
  • Serve on Operations Committee (Focused on Code for Good as an Organization)

Project Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with the Volunteer Coordinator, Team Lead Coordinator, and Non-profit Coordinator on:
    • Non-profit Selection
    • Team Lead Selection
    • Volunteer Selection
  • Create examples of successful and possible projects to promote to non-profits  
  • Work with Non-profit Coordinator on recommending possible projects for non-profits
  • Review and analyze non-profit projects and recommend technology solutions
  • Coordinate with the Non-profit Committee on the team formation and non-profit assignment process
  • Provide support to the teams for project completion and technology usage
  • Ensure good communication between the Project Committee to ensure project success
  • Serve on Project Committee (Focused on Project Success for Non-profits and Volunteers)

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Initiate actions to foster an open and inclusive environment
  • Serve as the “go-to” person for Code of Conduct issues that must be addressed
  • Develop a broadly inclusive, diverse, equitable, and welcoming membership, culture, and climate
  • Work with the president and board to create and implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan
  • Encourage collaboration and serve as a liaison with other community groups and coalitions
  • Serve as a spokesperson on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Monitor the growth of membership and recruitment
  • Serve on Project Committee (focused on project success for non-profits and volunteers)

Design & Content Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Work as a team with Outreach Coordinator 
  • Handle logo and branding decisions
  • Coordinate website updates.
  • Create materials needed for the Outreach Coordinator
  • Create, plan, and organize content
  • Create Materials (Sponsorship Packet, Non-profit Flyer, Volunteer Packet, Signage, Social Posts, etc.)
  • Collect stories, photos, and videos for promotional purposes
  • Draft press releases
  • Serve on Operations Committee (focused on Code for Good as an organization)
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