Open Board Positions

Interested in being a part of the core team that helps organize all of Code for Good’s events? We’d love to hear from you!


Executive Committee Member

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend all board meetings.
  • Serve on the Operations committee.
  • Ensure the safety and accuracy of all board records.
  • Take board meeting minutes or review minutes if that task is assigned to someone else.
  • Assume leadership responsibilities in the absence of the President and Vice President.
  • Manage organization calendar for meetings and events.
  • Assist Logistics Coordinator with check-in and venue setup.
  • Coordinate the support staff and venue logistics.
  • Manage Organization Admin Email
  • Serve on Operations Committee

Outreach Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Work as a team with Content Coordinator & Design Coordinator
  • Plan and execute social media strategy.
  • Manages all social channels.
  • Create a marketing campaign for the year.
  • Work with the Project Committee to create tailored sign-up campaigns.
  • Coordinate community awareness efforts, issue press releases, and handle media inquiries.
  • Request creation of materials needed from Content Coordinator
  • Serve on Project Committee (Focused on Project Success for Nonprofits and Volunteers)

Content Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Work as a team with Outreach Coordinator & Design Coordinator
  • Create, Plan, and Organize content
  • Content for Materials (Sponsorship Packet, Nonprofit Flyer, Volunteer Packet, Signage, Social Posts, etc)
  • Collect stories, photos, and videos for promotional purposes.
  • Create content for Design and Outreach Coordinators
  • Draft Press Releases
  • Serve on Operations Committee (Focused on Code for Good as an Organization)

Volunteer Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with the Outreach Coordinator on the marketing of the event to the Tech community.
  • Design the volunteer registration process, including:
    • Registration forms
    • Confirmation Emails
    • Team placement
    • Team Communication
  • Handle volunteer inquiries
  • Create plan for supportive communications for the Volunteers
  • Coordinate with the Non-Profit Committee on the team formation and Non-Profit assignment process
  • Provide support and introduction of volunteer teams to their Team Lead
  • Ensure good communication between the volunteer team, Team Lead, and their Non-Profit.
  • Serve on Project Committee (Focused on Project Success for Nonprofits and Volunteers)
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